7 Slip-Ups That Can Turn Your DIY Melbourne Plumbing Project into a Disaster!

Many homeowners get a great sense of achievement by carrying out regular household repair work themselves. After all, who doesn’t want to keep busy in something productive and save some money in the process?While there is nothing wrong with (DIY) Do-it-Yourself plumbing projects, when not taken the right precautions, the mistake can cost you more than getting the job done by a professional plumber in Melbourne!

1. Not Turning Off the Water Supply

As simple as it may seem, not turning off the water of the specific fixture you are trying to repair or of the whole house before trying to fix a leaky tap, a burst pipe or a running toilet can result in water gushing out creating a big mess to clean up.

2. Applying Too Much Pressure

Remember, your DIY Melbourne plumbing project is not the test of your strength; it’s the test of your skill! Over tightening the components such as nuts and bolts or pushing or pulling too hard on the handles or valves etc., can cause them to become chronically malfunctioned, start leaking or break entirely! Moreover, any damage caused to your fixtures of appliances due to your mistake might void you of any applicable warranties. However, with a Melbourne plumbing professional you can benefit from repairs guarantees.

3. Reassembling Components Incorrectly

Taking apart the plumbing components can be easy, but when it comes to putting them back together, it’s not always that simple. With a bunch of components scattered on the floor, how do you know which one goes where?
Different comportment need to be assembled differently and incorrectly reassembling can result in drips, staining of appliances, inefficient operation and water wastage. Try noting down the sequence as you disassemble and work your way backwards when reassembling!

4. Replacing Plumbing Fixtures with New Ones

Every existing component in your home’s plumbing system has a purpose. If your fixtures or any replaced accessories have become too old and you want to replace them, make sure they are the right match to your bathroom, kitchen and laundry plumbing. Investing hundreds of dollars into your new dishwasher or washing machine might not be a very good idea if it cannot fit with your home’s existing plumbing. Reach out to your local plumber in Melbourne for more guidance.

5. Pouring Harsh Chemicals Down the Drain

When you have got a blocked drain, it’s hard to resist the temptation to clear it yourself using drain opening chemicals. While they work fine when used in moderation, if used too frequently they can damage the pipes. To make things worse, the caustic nature of such chemicals can pose a significant health threat resulting in skin burns or other problems.
Use a plunger or a drain snake to flush out the obstruction. Pouring a concentrated mixture of baking soda and vinegar and leaving it overnight is an effective way to cut through the grease and soap! Follow the procedure by flushing down hot water.

6. Not Having the Right Tools

Tightening the bolts with the wrong wrench or using the wrong screwdriver to pull out a nut, can be recipes for disaster, permanently damaging your plumbing components. With water gushing out of the pipes and not having the right tools to fix it, can make matters worse. Make sure before you begin your DIY plumbing project, you have all the tools you need to carry out the job successfully.

7. Not Knowing When to Call a Melbourne Plumbing Professional

With DIY jobs, often you get so wrapped up that even when things are going wrong, you don’t realize that you need help! Instead of making the situation worse and continuing to exhaust yourself and your time, it’s better to accept when a job is beyond your armature plumbing skills and contact your local plumber in Melbourne for assistance.

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