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Got a question related to your home’s or office’ plumbing system? Following are some of the most frequently asked questions, answered by our team of experienced plumbers in Melbourne!

Why am I getting unusually high electricity or gas bills?
A sudden spike in your utility bills could indicate an over-flowing safety valve of your water heating system. Since your system is continuously losing large amounts of hot water, it takes up more energy to reheat the cold water flowing in. More energy consumption automatically results in high energy bills! You need to contact a licensed plumber in Melbourne to get it fixed!
If you are constantly running out of hot water when your consumption is the same, this could indicate a thermostat malfunction or a bad heating element in case you have an electric hot water heater. Installing a new heating element should fix the issue right away! Contact your Hot Water Heater plumber in Melbourne.

An electric hot water system is cheaper to buy but expensive to run, due to high energy prices.

Gas hot water heaters usually come with energy efficient star rating and are cheaper than electricity.

Solar hot water heaters are an environment friendly heating system with low running costs in the long run. However, the installation and the system itself can be expensive.

Heat pumps are more efficient than their electric counterparts and with government rebates you can offset the purchase costs.

Burst pipes behind the walls, leaking toilets or leaking hot water heaters could be some of the possibilities besides leaking taps, that can help you answer where is all the water going when your consumption is the same! Ask your local plumber in Melbourne to inspect your home or office for any possible water leaks!
If you have tried the conventional drain cleaning products and your drain still keeps on blocking, the problem could be bigger than grease, soap or hair. Flushing toiletries such as napkins or other foreign objects including cigarette butts, toys etc., can get stuck in the pipes and block your toilet drain. Outgrown tree roots or fallen leaves could be yet another reason causing your outdoor drains to block.

Upon receiving you’re a letter from your local water authority, you must get your backflow valve tested to prevent your fresh water supply from being contaminated. Backflow test takes about 10-15 minutes and must be carried out by a licensed and certified backflow plumber in Melbourne.

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