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5 Ways your Melbourne Plumber can help you Become Water Wise this Summer!

Summer time in Melbourne is fun! But as days become warmer, being a Melbourne Plumber we know that water usage in most households reaches its peak! If you are planning to use water more wisely in 2017, we have complied a list of some small yet important plumbing maintenance tips to help you conserve more water.

1.Check your home for leaking taps, toilets and pipes

Leaks that appear insignificant at first, if ignored for prolonged periods, can cause structural damage to your property! That’s not all! Leaks near your pipes connected to main water supply can lower your water pressure and you end up losing a significant amount of water – resulting in high water bills!
Leak repair for faulty taps, toilets and pipes costs almost nothing compared to the damage it might cause, and the money you spend on water you never actually use!

2.Install Water Saving Shower Heads and low flow taps

Besides cutting back on your shower time, water saving shower heads help you use less water. Similarly, low-flow taps allow only so much water to flow from your taps, so you use less water per minute.
If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation sometime soon, consider the above-mentioned options as part of your goal to become water wise!

3.Use your dishwasher and washing machine when full!

Nothing new there, but how many of us practice this? Dishwasher and washing machines are designed for maximum efficiency when fully loaded. Half loads result in a lot of water wasted with every cycle.
Additionally, old dishwashers use more water per cycle than the newer water saving dishwashers.  Ask your Melbourne plumber for advice if you’re planning a dishwasher replacement!

4.Enjoy guilt free water usage with a Rain Water Tank

It’s not only people –  plants also need more water during summer! Make sure you water your garden during the early parts of the day allowing maximum water retention and reducing your need to water again! Also a little known fact is that watering during the heat of the day when the sun is at it’s most intense (10am-4pm) can burn your grass and plants.
Check your hoses and sprinklers for possible leaks, and fix them before they result in an unnecessarily big water bill!
But wait- there’s more! Install a rain water tank! Rain water tanks collect all the water flowing from your roof gutters, to be used for watering your garden, washing the porch or flushing toilets.  Ask your Melbourne Plumber for the best size to fit your household needs.

5.Don’t dump just anything in the toilet

Don’t treat your toilet like a dustbin. Designed to dispose human waste, when items such as sanitary napkins, cigarette butts, wipes and similar things make their way into your toilet drain, they can block the pipes and the toilet, resulting in water wastage as the toilet does not flush properly. You may end up flushing twice to thrice to get rid of the floating item that was not meant to be thrown in the toilet.


We live on the driest continent on the planet – our water is precious.  While some methods of conserving water require more commitment than others, saving water is worth every penny, and can save you from bigger repairs down the line.
As experienced Melbourne Plumbers, we can help you become water wise, with timely repair and replacement of fixtures and appliances to save more water.

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  1. The advantage and benefits to hire plumbing services is undeniable. They have tools and equipments that will save you in the long run. Like mentioned above the rain water tank. It will help a lot specially when you have a large family members since more water will be consumed.
    Timmy S.

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